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Soul Yoga specializes in Hot Vinyasa Flow, Power, Basic and Kids Yoga. All classes calm the mind, invigorate the body and soothe the soul through powerful yoga sequencing set to music.

Soul Yoga
8028 North May Avenue, Suite 110
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120

Allison Candelaria

Owner & Instructor

CorePower Yoga Instructor Certified
RYT 200 Hour

In 2006 Allison began her journey with yoga. Her style is heavily influenced by Vinyasa flow, Power Yoga and her passion for music which parallels this graceful and athletic movement. Allison spent most of her young life, as well as her collegiate career, dancing. As a dance teacher of 15 years, Allison's style combines fluidity of breath and movement with energizing music to create and inspire a powerful class. She has received her 200hr RYT certification and is continuing her 500hr teacher journey in Vinyasa Flow with Tiffany Cruikshank. Allison also has the honor of being a junior assistant to the Tiffany Cruikshank brand. Allison opened Soul Yoga studio in Oklahoma City in 2011 to continue sharing her passion of yoga while raising her young family. Through her teaching and engaging practice she inspires her students to enhance their lives one breath and one movement at a time. Becoming a Lululemon Ambassador in 2012 has also opened more doors for her to grow her yoga community by allowing her students to make more memories, friendships and earn astounding personal achievement on their mats. She lives by the motto "Why sit when you can FLY!" and each of her classes ignite flight by getting yogis feet in the sky and encouraging students to take their practice to the next level. For Allison, yoga began as a practice but has matured to be a positive integration in every part of her life. She can only hope the same maturation for this love of the practice occurs for her students.

allison candelaria

Angie Koumaris


Yoga found Angie in 2006. She started yoga as a workout and has seen her life and her body transformed through the art of yoga. As a USPTA Tennis Professional Angie thought yoga would also be a great way to alleviate the pain in her legs and back from being on a tennis court all day. Six years later Angie finds yoga as a challenging workout that leaves her feeling relaxed and refreshed. It has helped balance her life in many different aspects. As the years have gone by Angie has grown to understand many different styles of yoga. She has fallen in love with yoga and wants to share that love with others.

angie koumaris

Emily Smith


RYT 200 Hour

I fell in love with yoga in 2012. I run, crossfit, and spin; but had never felt so calm and grounded in my life until I practiced yoga. After practicing for a few months I began seeing improvements in my body and activities. I now turn to yoga to calm my mind, and restore my body. I completed my 200RYT certification with Tiffany Cruikshank in the spring of 2014 and completed training with CorePower Yoga in the fall of 2013. I am eager to continue gaining more knowledge about what yoga can do for athletes, and for myself. I am excited to assist others in their adventure to find out how valuable their practice is on, and off the mat like I have.

emily smith

Hialee Howard


It was 2005 when Hialee fell in love with yoga at first sight. Nothing gave her a physical challenge quite like yoga. At first, it was purely physical but before long, she came to see the benefits of the mind and body synergy. After practicing with many different instructors and a few different styles, vinyasa flow is where she felt at home. Her goal for her students is to undergo a unique challenge through this mind and body connection. Hialee incorporates physical challenges and focus to this beautiful practice. She has degrees in fitness and nutrition from the University of Central Oklahoma and enjoys connecting the anatomical and metabolic sides of yoga in her practice. She is excited to expand her knowledge further by completing her 200hr RYT in 2014.

hialee howard

Jennifer Henry


I've been a competitive runner since age 9. I ran in college, got married, had kids and started running marathons and triathlons. By age 33, my hips were hurting all the time. 19 years ago I took yoga at the first gym in OKC to offer it because the class was at noon and the nursery was quiet at that time. Hana Hoffman was the age I am now and exactly 20 years older than I was and she kicked my butt; I was hooked! After a year or so, Hana said she was going to Europe for 6 weeks, pointed to me and said (in her Czech accent) "you are the best, and will sub while I'm gone"! She came back, asked the class how I did and I guess I passed because the gym offered me my own class under her watchful eye. I continued to study and train, completed Level 3 YogaFit Teacher Training and also worked privately with Andrew Eppler for two years. My teaching reflects both Iyengar and Ashtanga styles.

I continue to race, compete in triathlons and am an active member of the OKC Landrunners. In 2014 I plan to continue my training by obtaining my 200 HR RYT.

jennifer henry

Jennifer Marcum


RYT 200 Hour

Jennifer Marcum first turned to yoga 12 years ago to work out the kinks caused by the rigorous schedule of 8 shows a week as a dancer and singer in the Broadway show, "Beauty and the Beast." Yoga not only strengthened her body, but brought a sense of balance and calm to her life as a working actor in NYC. Receiving her 200 RYT certification with Tiffany Cruikshank, Jennifer loves sharing the benefits of yoga with anyone who'll listen. Her classes are nurturing and challenging, focusing on alignment, breath, and intention. Off the mat, Jennifer sings, writes a blog, attempts to cook and laughs a lot with her husband and daughter.

jennifer marcum

Lauren Sullivan


RYT 200 Hour

Lauren Sullivan is a certified yoga instructor. She has completed both a kids training program through Yoga Education Institute and an adult 200 hr Vinyasa teacher training from Tiffany Cruikshank.

Lauren, mother of 4, started practicing yoga in 2004. She enjoys the challenging aspects of yoga and the calmness one feels after each practice.

lauren sullivan

Lindsey Melott


RYT 200 Hour

Lindsey began her yoga journey back in 2007 when she took a class at the gym where she works. The moment she stepped on her mat she was completely hooked. She instantly began to see the positive effects it had on her mind and body and from there began to practice various styles of yoga under the direction of several different teachers. Lindsey fell in love with the mental and physical strength she obtained on her mat and the clarity and peace she felt at the end of each class. Her passion for yoga began to call her heart to teaching and she obtained her 200 hour RYT certification in Norman, Oklahoma with Andrew Eppler in May 2013. Lindsey lives by the quote "Be in love with your life, every single minute of it." She enjoys reading, running, cycling, loving on her two dogs, spending time with friends and traveling with her husband who is a competitive cyclist racing nationwide. In 2013, Lindsey had the honor of being chosen to be a Lululemon Athletica Ambassador and hopes to continue to motivate and inspire others on and off the mat as well as build and strengthen her community. Currently, she is completing her Yoga for Athletes Certification under the guidance of Sage Rountree and hopes to work more with cyclists and runners incorporating yoga into their training in order to enhance their performance and maximize their recovery. Lindsey's classes are playful and full of energy. Come prepared to breathe, sweat, smile and have a good time on your mat.

lindsey melott

Lisa Laughlin


Yoga Alliance Certified
RYT 200 Hour

In 2009 I was displeased with my job, and while looking for a new and challenging adventure, my passion for yoga began to materialize. I immediately fell in love with the art of yoga, embracing the unique and rewarding lifestyle. Later that year I earned my certification through Gaia Flow Yoga in Addison, TX. Like the connection between yoga and breath, teaching yoga invokes a certain connection between me and my students; we breathe individually, but flow as one. My yoga practice focuses on Vinyasa Flow, utilizing your breath to move with strength and purpose. After teaching and practicing at various studios, Soul Yoga has allowed me to utilize two of my favorite things at once: yoga and music. In my teaching, I challenge you to move through yoga and your daily life with kindness, compassion, and the unwavering strength of unconditional love.

lisa laughlin

Rachel Chavez


Rachel Chavez first started yoga in 2008, and with a background in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading, yoga felt like a natural fit. Rachel's practice has since grown into a passion for yoga that extends beyond the physical aspect of yoga and into a full mind and body experience each time she steps onto her mat. During the summer of 2013, she combined her love of teaching and yoga by completing a 250 hour training through Aura Wellness Center. Rachel believes that yoga is accessible to everyone who is willing to try. Her vinyasa style classes are fun, light-hearted and energetic.
Love and light. Namaste.

Rachel Chavez

Shannon Stephens


RYT 200 Hour

Shannon has been practicing a variety of styles of yoga since 2001. In 2010 she completed an intensive 200 hr certification program in Lake Tahoe, California with Doug Swenson. Her teacher training with Swenson involved creating a holistic balance between learning and teaching, power and softness, intellect and fitness.

Shannon believes that yoga helps us connect to our own true nature, as well as to the earth. She believes that yoga is a lifestyle that can bring joy to everyone regardless of age or physical ability. Shannon appreciates all styles of yoga and takes special interest in Vinyasa and Power style classes. She enjoys the fluid movement between postures because it helps to create energy, generate heat, and establish total mind-body awareness. Shannon encourages students to enter and exit postures mindfully and gracefully and to flow with awareness and intelligence.

shannon stephens

Our Studio

Conveniently located in the Lakehurst Shopping Center in Northwest Oklahoma City, the Soul Yoga studio is sure to be one of the top yoga studios in the OKC metro area. Our climate-controlled studio boasts beautiful hardwood floors, luxurious restrooms, and a state-of-the-art sound system all within a spa-like atmosphere. Our location also provides plenty of parking for our attendees.

inside soul yoga studio

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